ERP: Perfect Synchronization at Cost Effective Solution – Express Pharma Pulse – Jan 31, 2002

In order to cater to the pharmaceutical industry’s demand for ointments, creams, formulations capable of creating effective and functional products in a fiercely competitive global market, Kremoint Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has replaced its failing financial package with customised Enterprise Resource Planning solution.  With the new ERP, one of India’s leading manufacturers of ointments, creams, gel formulations, for the pharmaceutical industry, has the fast, powerful and fully integrated platform it needs to coordinate crucial business processes across all its clients in the world.

Kremoint Pharma Pvt. Ltd., having its manufacturing facility located in Ambernath, MIDC area, has already benefited from the substantially increased bandwidth and measurably improved performance provided by the ERP system from Progen ERP Systems Pvt. Ltd.  By replacing financial package with robust and high speed Ethernet based solution, Kremoint Pharma has been guaranteed a failsafe network with unrivalled levels of redundancy.  The company, spread over 15000 sq. feet area, also manufactures antibiotics, corticosteroids, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory type of combination.  Besides this, the company has associate units manufacturing tablets, capsules, injectable and ophthalmic drops.  The company operates a substantial client server based network at its HQ in Ambernath, Thane, which acts as the communication hub.  The modules serve not only financial management and manufacturing management, but also the information and communication needs of Kremoint’s employees, representatives and customers across the globe.

The new ERP is an integrated company-wide-on-line solution in a single box, which covers all functional areas in the organisation including planning, purchasing, stores, quality control, production, sales, accounts, excise, costing and human resources.  A high availability infrastructure provides to integrate all the functions in the company in to one on-line system, where data is stored only one and is available instantly to all authorised persons.  In addition, there are no longer islands of information usually created by using different programs for different areas.

According to Ashwin Thakker, director Kremoint Pharma – “PERP solution has given us the fast, efficient and reliable platform we need to achieve our strategic arm of becoming a fully integrated, smooth running global organisation.”

“The PERP has more than resolved all the problems that emerged as we implemented the best available solutions to enhance our performance as an integrated and highly efficient international business,” said Ashwin Thakkar.

“We now have a network capable of supporting essential business systems such as excise, sales tax, income tax, employment tax, PF, ESI and Companies Act, all of which in our case are dependent on the network to operate effectively.  The network will also make a difference on the factory floor where many production activities, which run on the 8/6 basis, have been automated and linked to the network.”

Ashwin Thakker points to enhanced avenues of communications as a primary benefit of the PERP.  “Previously, synchronisation of information had become an unreliable process.  As demand mounted the earlier financial package program became increasingly unstable, struggling to cope with the data and extensive information needs such as the purchase order, receipts, quality control, accounts, etc.  All sales and transactions are now permanently linked to PERP ensuring fast and reliable access.”

Bhadresh Thakker believes that PERP has made even a potentially complicated installation quick and simple.  “Because of PERP solution, we were able to upgrade any changes in the existing excise rates in just one weekend without any interruption to any department.”

“With PERP your data is completely secure.  You can implement extensive access controls and define who can use which transactions, reports and queries.  Further, all transactions entered in the system carry the user’s name and time stamp, enabling you to easily audit the system at any time.”  he added.

Progen ERP Systems (P) Ltd. is a leading provider of functionally – rich, easy-to-use development toolkits and ERP systems that connect business to their employees, customers and suppliers anytime, anywhere.  In 1990 the company was founded by one of the inventors of indigenous ERP solutions on which even small companies can utilise state-of-the-art technology to streamline the operations and gain advantage.  Since then, Progen’s ERP is in operation in more than 90 sites.  Headquartered in Goa, Progen has branch office in Mumbai.

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