Our Approach

Progen ERP approaches every client’s business as if it were our own. We believe a consulting firm should be more than an adviser. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. We know that in order to maximize the potential of success for your company, we need to shape our expert advice in a way that applies to your way of doing business. This allows us to create rich relationships with our clients.  Rather than just a business application PERP functions as a system that automates industry process. It can deliver the power, scalability and robust functionality in a cost effect manner.

We adhere to the Indian statutory laws such as Excise, Sales Tax, Income Tax, etc.  We understand typical requirements of Pharma / Bulk /API / Diagnostic /Surgical / FMCG / Chemical / Paper Industry such as Batch wise tracking, FDA compliance, Manufacturing & Expiry Dates, Shelf Life, Quality Control, Approved Vendors, etc. and have incorporated it in our ERP.

Pharma - Formulation

Armed with Pharma Formulation knowledge, technical expertise, and fact based prediction, we allow your business to truly soar. Ensure that all data is in one central location which is accessible by all authorised persons.  The logistical advantages behind PERP is that it is designed to reduce overall costs and allow the data flow between single departments or international offices to move smoothly in real time for better processing.

Pharma - API / Bulk

We help you shape and position your business services in a way that it enhances your output without compromising on quality.  PERP is very effective for companies looking to streamline its current process by trimming of making it faster and less bulky. It ensures that functioning of every department and branches are interlinked with each other and there is no information loss, resulting in better decision making by Managers.

Healthcare - Diagnostic / Surgical

We help you to increase clients operational effectiveness & productivity, improve product tracking management.  PERP helps in analysis of data, streamlining purchasing functions, managing the basic and advanced functions of inventory, costing, reports and accounting.



We help companies dealing in consumer products, create and present products that perfectly blend in with the zeitgeist. Sharing of information in real time facilitates optimum utilisation of assets, better inventory management, higher yields, less wastages. Process improvement leads to timely production and enhances product quality.


PERP solution for chemical manufacturers is to efficiently and effectively manage record formulation, quality control, customer management, production and financial reporting.  Facilitates strategic planning, Uniform reporting according to global standards.


For paper Industry PERP improves productivity of process and personnel, and lowers the cost of production.  It also helps in reducing Paper and postage cost and results in Inventory & Lead time reduction, Reduced stock obsolescence, Automated ordering and payment.

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