Our Esteemed Customers

Amoli Organics Pvt. Ltd.

API & Bulk
Amoli Organics has a successful track record in the pharmaceutical and allied industry. Making a beginning as a manufacturer of API’s and Intermediates, it made successful forays in the field of ‘Contract Research’ and ‘Custom Synthesis’. Amoli has been working collaboratively with some of the leading global healthcare players. It has 2 state-of the art manufacturing Sites. Sites are CGMP and SHE compliant. It has well equipped R&D centre (Process Development). It is into Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing. It has its presence in USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, RUSSIA, SOUTH EAST ASIA, MIDDLE EAST AND LATAM. It’s a fast growing and well integrated healthcare group.

Meyer Organics Pvt. Ltd.

MEYER Organics is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, founded in 1982 in technical collaboration with OMEGA - MEYER Ltd., Jersey ( Br. Isles). Meyer has manufactured innovative health care products for over two decades; Meyer is committed to excel in human health care and research. Headquartered in Mumbai, India with global presence in more than 30 countries. Meyer has created a unique portfolio of products in the key segments like Anti-infective, Nutrition Supplements for all age groups, Infertility Supplement, Pain Management, etc.

Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Cachet Pharmaceuticals, established in 1978 is a pharmaceutical unit ranked amongst Top - 100 Companies of Indian pharmaceutical industry. Cachet initially and till 1992 was primarily a pharmaceutical organization producing pharmaceutical dosage forms for leading top pharmaceutical Companies. Manufacturing competencies and facilities of an organization reflects the R&D expertise and the ability to implement it for the best of the target markets. Cachet’s manufacturing strengths & capabilities have been well established since last 25 years. Cachet has its own manufacturing plant with WHO-GMP & ISO 9001:2000 certification, at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The formulation plant at Bhiwadi is spread in 4 acres with a build up area of 65,000 sq.ft with state of the art manufacturing facilities. The plant manufactures tablets; capsules; granules & Liquid. They also have a brand new plant with more capacity at Baddi (Himanchal Pradesh). The plant has approvals from world-class regulatory bodies like WHO & FDA. The plant is accredited with WHO-GMP & ISO 9001:2000 Certificate. The plant employs 300 people and has warehousing facilities, quality control laboratory, formulation development and engineering department. Its Bhiwadi manufacturing unit, R&D center is certified by WHO & FDA & ISO 9001:2000. Its R&D center is recognized by Government of India. Its Analytical Lab is GLP compliant.

Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries Co. PLC (Jordan)

Hayat Pharmaceutical was established in 1994 by a group of pharmacists with a vision to provide high quality pharmaceutical products to the global market. Hayat Pharmaceutical, based in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is a relatively young pharmaceutical manufacturer and marketer founded on a wealth of experience in the field of distribution of medicine and drugstore management. The vast experience of the founders of HPI in the field of healthcare products goes back more than four decades to the beginnings of the mother-company, Kurdi Drugstore. Since its establishment in 1954, the drugstore has managed to sustain a leading position among the importers and marketers of pharmaceuticals in the Jordan market.

Unique Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Lagos, Nigeria)

Unique Pharma is well known in the Pharmaceutical Industry and within the Medical Fraternity in Nigeria primarily for its Intravenous Fluids manufactured using the innovative and High - Tech manufacturing process known as Form - Fill - Seal - Technology. The Company is also well known for its locally Manufactured and Imported Range of Products covering several Therapeutic categories such as Analgesics / Antipyretics, Haematinics, Multivitamin preparations, Anti-infective agents, Cough and Cold preparations, Antacids, Anti-hypertensives, Anti-diabetics agents and Dermal Preparations.

Fourrts (India) Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Fourrts was founded in 1977 with a strong commitment to the society to deliver quality health care. Fourrts with its impressive standing in the Pharma Industry and is committed to excellence in health care. Fourrts is an Ethical, transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with progressive out look. The dedicated approach of Fourrts has made available a range of innovative, value added, evidence based products for the ailing patients. Fourrts' products have found immediate acceptance by practicing doctors both in India and Abroad. At present Fourrts products are spread all over India and over more than 40 countries around the world. Fourrts is one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies in India.

Bliss GVS - Kremoint Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Redefining the state of quality healthcare with unique formulations since 1994, Kremoint Pharma has indeed come a long way since its inception. Treading carefully on the path of manufacturing quality products for the benefit of all, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to produce formulations that meet international quality standards and stringent regulatory compliances to trade beyond borders. Its basket of formulations is vast to include more than 200 products in several forms belonging to varied therapeutic segments and specialities. Within medical sciences, the key segments of industry that Kremoint Pharma caters to include pharma, cosmetics, ayurvedic, herbal and dermatology, which will be soon added to its product wallet in span of a year.

Gland Pharma Ltd.

API, Bulk & Formulation
A globally renowned manufacturer of Small Volume Parenterals (SVPs), Gland Pharma was founded in 1978 at Hyderabad by a visionary, PVN Raju, who has always thought far ahead of his time. Since inception, Gland Pharma stands testimony to the founder’s exemplary commitment to Quality, having emerged as a global player with presence in about 90 countries in five continents. It has a wide range of injectables, including vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes, lyophilized vials, dry powders, infusions and ophthalmic solutions. It enjoys distinction of having pioneered Heparin technology in India, and are world leaders in the Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) range of molecules. Its world-class manufacturing facilities accepted by global regulatory agencies including USFDA (USA), MHRA (UK), TGA (Australia), BGV (Germany), WHO (Geneva), ANVISA (Brazil), etc.t was first in India to set up a state-of-the-art Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS) facility at Hyderabad in 1998, as well as the first liquid injectable facility in India to be accepted by USFDA. In addition, it has a USFDA-accepted Oncology facility at Visakhapatnam. It serve the pharmaceutical needs of diverse markets worldwide by developing niche products through its strong in-house R&D expertise in Synthesis of complex drug molecules such as Low Molecular Weight Heparins (LMWHs) and anti-cancer drugs and Developing complex injectables such as lyophilized products, high-potent drugs and long-acting suspensions.

Themis Medicare Ltd.

API & Formulation
Themis Medicare was promoted by Mr. Shantibhai D. Patel, a pioneer in Indian Pharmaceuticals Business. Its founder's deep belief in the virtues of discipline and perfectionism has resonated clearly within the organization and even today is an integral part to company’s approach in all spheres such as operations and management, framing policy decisions, forging new alliances, strengthening and maintaining key relationships - within and beyond the organization. His sincere perspective on an ever increasing complex world has steered the company to new pinnacles of success and also brought it to the threshold of path breaking discoveries. In the field of health care, the Themis team is committed to innovation in research, with an unwavering resolve to combat challenging medical conditions in an age that is riddled with consistently evolving diseases and infections. Themis Medicare is a joint venture pharmaceutical company, with Gedeon Richter Ltd., Hungary. The company in over three decades has made its presence felt in manufacturing and marketing innovative pharmaceutical products.


Medopharm, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical products to over 60 countries, is a part of the US$100 million Chordia Group. It is headquartered in Chennai, India. The group comprises 3 companies that deal with automobile financing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and real estate. Medopharm's values, management principles and business practices act as a compass to guide the company to success. Having won recognition for trustworthiness, reliability and world-class standards, the company is poised for a major breakthrough in cross-boundary sales. To meet global standards, Medopharm's procurement, production, planning, manufacturing, testing, dispatch, finance and human resource systems are ERP focused. It also places emphasis on TQM. Value building in human relations is a core element of Medopharm. Its employees and associates are important and are cherished as part of its ever-growing family.

Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Group Pharmaceutical made modest beginning back in June 1980, when a few committed entrepreneurs, led by Mr. Ravi Attavar, sharing a similar vision, values and commitment, bonded to form a cohesive GROUP. Thus began a journey. It initially gained reputation and a niche in pharma marketing by selling products manufactured by other companies. A strong desire to grow fuelled their plans and ambition has its own rewards – a motivation to develop and a vision of growth thus resulting in the manufacture and marketing of their own products. Over the years Group has grown to become a strong player in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing landscape in India .Over the years, GROUP has built an enviable name for itself in the field of Dental and Oral care both in its manufacturing and marketing capabilities. Group has always been in the vanguard in introducing innovative products and services to the Dental Profession in India.

Juggat Pharma - Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd. have come a long way with undaunted dynamism and diversification with eight divisions under its wing. "Growth through excellence" is their philosophy. They believe in customer satisfaction through quality products and prompt service aiming to reach new horizons. It has a firm commitment to build and nurture strong relationships with its customers, its people and all those who are associated with it. It believes such a relationship will only destine its future and growth. Quest for innovation and diversification is its inherent quality. They leave no stone unturned to apply their view to pave the way for a more comfortable and healthier life for every human being.

Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

TORQUE PHARMACEUTICALS has grown into a force to reckon with in the pharmaceutical industry. It has managed to grow from strength to strength and has earned a reputation for itself as a leading private limited company offering healthcare solutions for all through its quality medicines that it supplies not just nationally but also to many developing countries globally. With an annual turnover of more than 1500 million INR, TORQUE has taken a huge leap in terms of production, positioning and presence in the domestic and international arena. TORQUE, which means a force that makes things turn around a focal point, has become a pivotal pharmaceutical company with efficient clockwork like mechanism for production, quality, logistics and growth. The force behind the exemplary augmentation has been steady dedication and an enthusiastic workforce. With mutual respect, sensitivity towards their needs and empathetic work conditions, the well qualified staff and workers are motivated to achieve higher goals for personal growth and for the betterment of the company that they feel proud to be associated with. At TORQUE, the pillars upon which its strength rests are – Impeccable Quality, Commitment to Excellence, Constant Innovation, Environment Conducive to Growth and Affordable Medicines.

Swiss Garnier Life Sciences

Swiss Garnier Life Sciences is a company that has imbibed this responsibility as the fulcrum of its business. No other consideration matters more than the importance we attach to the value of human well-being. All its systems, philosophies and attitudes have been attuned to this vital aspect of its business environment. In keeping with this line of thinking, not only have it geared itself to strictly abide by the guidelines laid down by the various national and global agencies, it has in fact developed its own standards and yardsticks which by far surpass the statutory parameters enunciated. As a result of this underlying policy, Swiss Garnier has been consistently evaluated as among the most reputed, dependable and reliable names in the industry today.

Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Maneesh Pharmaceuticals has encountered a radical transformation. Due to excellent growing qualities and timely implementation of resources, this one-man initiative is now growing and multiplying across the globe. Today, Maneesh Pharmaceuticals is one of the very few companies, which offer specialized manufacturing facilities dedicated to critical therapeutic segments. Besides this, Quality solutions in manufacturing, marketing and research play a key role in the rapid growth of the company. Maneesh Pharmaceuticals specializes in the manufacturing of Hormones at Meghdoot chemicals Ltd, a facility approved by GSK PLC – United Kingdom. Maneesh Pharmaceuticals believes in its strong innovative culture and diverse capabilities of development and manufacturing and to be one of the best in this emerging patent era.

Vital Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

API, Bulk & Formulation
Vital is a leading manufacturer & supplier of traditional and new generational API to the National & International pharmaceutical community by offering stable and high quality products, on continuous innovation & development. Founded in 1999, Vital was set up with a modest installed capacity of 24 Tonnes p.a. for manufacturing Quinine Salts and alkaloids. Within a short span of 10 years it has evolved itself into a plant covering area of 7980.55 sq. mtr. of land with building of 86000 sq.ft. & manufacturing 240 Tons p.a. with an impressive clientele list of all, major Indian Pharmaceutical companies and exporters of formulations. With exports being done to all continents, we have become a force to reckon with. Financial Strength, Reliable indigenous technology flavoured with Constant innovation, a keen mind open to new ideas and experiments coupled with Crystal Clear business practices and self-confidence brimming to the hilt are VITAL secrets of this stupendous growth.

Sarvotham Care Ltd.

Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care
Sarvotham Care Limited was incorporated in 1996, as a public limited company registered under Companies Act. We are one of the leading Indian companies manufacturing a wide range of health care products including pharmaceutical formulations, nutritional supplements, personal care products, home care and hospital care products for a host of companies. The operations started on a humble beginning with the manufacture of pharmaceutical liquid orals. In due course of time, expanded into manufacturing of other pharmaceuticals such as tablets, ointments, creams, cosmetics, home and health care products.

Exemed Pharmaceuticals

Exemed Pharmaceuticals is a new venture being initiated by a business group involved in manufacturing of Drug-intermediates & specialty chemicals, for more than three decades, having a reputation for quality, customer satisfaction & professionalism. At Exemed, they believe in the concept of ‘Value Building’. With its team of dedicated, innovative & professional employees, the company has built a strong & reliable chain of human resource which is actually the absolute core for the success & survival of a company. In 2009, they commissioned a latest state-of-art API-Manufacturing unit, located at Luna, 22-km away from Vadodara city - in the state of Gujarat - India, with a focus on global-quality-norms & technology. They are ideally equipped with all the necessary expertise of pure science, engineering hardware & managerial soft skills available in plenty, locally. In June 2013, It acquired UCB India Pvt. Ltd.’s manufacturing unit in Vapi

Wallace Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

The Wallace Group is a privately owned Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Group headquartered in Goa, India. Incorporated in the late 1960s as a joint venture with Carter Wallace Inc. and Menezes family, the Wallace Group is primarily engaged in the manufacture and marketing of formulation products in India as well as abroad. The Group comprises of Wallace Pharmaceuticals, Indi Pharma and Goodwin Biotechnology Inc. The Wallace Group employs over 2300 personnel with offices and facilities in several key locations in India and around the world. The Wallace Group comprises of Wallace Pharmaceuticals, Wallace Laboratories, Indi Pharma, GoodWinBio Tech and Trusts.

Allen Laboratories

Allen Laboratories Limited, a flagship Company of Dr. Sarkar Allen Group engaged in manufacturing Homoeopathic & Ayurvedic medicines having its ISO 9001 : 2008 certified factory with best equipped State-of-the-Art machinery & technology Allen Laboratories Limited manufacture & market Homoeopathy medicines under the Masterbrand ‘Allen’s’ Allen’s Homoeopathic mother tinctures, potentised medicines, trituration’s are manufactured strictly following H.P.I & GMP . Allen also manufactures Bio-Chemic & Bio-Combination tablets, Homeo Specialty & Super Specialty Products in the form of oral, liquid & tablet, Body Oil & Lotion, Hair Oil & Hair Vitalizer, Cream & Ointment & Prickly Heat Powder. Allen’s Personal Care Products like ArnicaPlus & TRIOFER for Hair Problem solutions are well known household Brand. Allen’s BoroAllen Antiseptic Cream & Prickly Heat Powder, OlivAllen Body Oil, AloeAllen Body Lotion, Allen’s ArnicaPlus & Arnica Montana Hair Oil is very popular.

Samarth Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

API & Formulation
SAMARTH has evolved into an innovative global life science company that explores, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of life saving Critical Care drugs. The company has earned respect and customer loyalty by combining highly specialized skill sets – such as therapeutic area expertise and an understanding of global and local regulatory environments – with an uncommon dedication to providing superlative service. It aims at exponential growth through expansion in new therapeutic area and exploring new molecules. Their vision is to emerge as a globally renowned pharmaceutical enterprise by the acceptance & confidence of medical fraternity and quality of products with the highest level of operational excellence in all spheres. Samarth’s unique focus is to bring innovative proprietary pharmaceuticals to market. It considers this approach the best way to serve the needs of patients, while addressing unmet medical needs.

Ban Labs Pvt. Ltd.

BAN Labs is the place where nature cures health and beauty ailments, with a vision to make Ayurvedic secrets known to every individual, extracting the best out of nature while working closely with life sciences. BAN Labs began its journey in 1966 under the Chairmanship of its Founder Dr. D. K. Patel. in the later years, as Mr. Maulesh Ukani, current Managing Director of BAN Labs, took up the mantle of the leadership of this elixir empire, he continued to steer it towards the global platform, besides promoting the core essence of Ayurveda. With a 4000+ employees, the Ban Labs team comprises of senior management executives with rich experience in the field of product management and human resources, while young and energetic management graduates help establish an effective distribution network. A technically, experienced quality and production skill pool of highly specialized experts, well conversant with modern quality manufacturing concepts, continue to help maintain the high quality standards of Ban products. With the growth mantra of constant innovation to prevent rather than cure, the Ban Labs team continuously works towards churning out the best quality products and establishing its ultimate vision of having a Ban product in every household.

Agio Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Agio Pharmaceuticals Limited was instituted in 1991 to augment a focused approach towards global pharmaceutical brand marketing. Today, it has spread its aura of being a professionally managed and a committed organization over several countries. Careful planning and sound understanding of various countries and their medical needs, has enabled it to enjoy the trust and support of the medical fraternities in these countries in the areas of Ethical medicine, OTC medicine, Herbal formulations and Veterinary formulations. Its pharmaceutical and veterinary product range includes a combination of over 365 formulations in over 20 therapeutic segments. Understanding the various complexities of marketing and compliance of regulatory formalities has facilitated its entry and helped it establish a strong base in the CIS - spanning over 12 countries and 300 registered products. AGIO has made inroads into the domestic market of the subcontinent of India. Presently spanning pan India with field strength of 500 plus we have a well-knit distribution channel, penetrating the very interiors of the country ensuring the availability of quality medicines for every individual, accessible not only at affordable prices, but also at arms’ length. Acknowledging the importance of targeted, customer focused marketing; AGIO has its sales divisions focused around the specialty customer. Its sales force constantly undertakes promotion of our world-class products to doctors, hospitals, and polyclinics across the length and breadth of both the domestic as well as international markets. Its sales force constantly endeavors to promote our world-class products to doctors, hospitals, and polyclinics across the length and breadth in various territories of Russia and CIS. Changing pharmaceutical scenarios have encouraged us to initiate projects into various areas like Bulk Drugs, Nutraceuticals and Consumer Products. Where appropriate, it actively seeks opportunities to extend the life of these products through innovative line extensions.

Melody Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

API & Formulation
Melody Healthcare Established in 2007, It is a fast emerging, quality driven leading manufacturer of APIs, with a clear focus on developing and producing technology driven products. Based out of India, within a Government Approved industrial zone (MIDC) in Tarapur, Maharashtra, Melody Healthcare houses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that meet global regulatory requirements and focus on niche therapeutic categories, offering products in the following segments. The passion and conviction behind the establishment of Melody Healthcare, has equipped us to be a reliable API producer and manufacturing partner. Today, it develops technology-driven, niche API’s, requiring complex chemistry and reaction capabilities with an exceptional team of highly skilled employees who understand the nuances of process development.
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