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Introducing GST

GST (GOODS AND SERVICES TAX) PERP GST is redesigned to meet all the requirements of GST in modules like Accounts, Materiel management and sales. It has an automated process of filling returns.   SETUP Define Multi GST locations (multi GSTIN) Define IGST, CGST, SGST and CESS as post GST elements Define HSN code for Items

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Main Products – Progen Enterprise Resource Planning System (PERP)

• Production Planning
• Material Requirement Planning
• Material Requisition
• Purchase
• Stores
• Quality Control
• Quality Assurance
• Production
• Costing
• Marketing
• Distribution Planning
• Finished Goods Inventory & Sales
• Machinery Maintenance
• Excise/Cenvat
• Exports/Imports
• Currency Management
• General Ledger
• Budgeting
• Accounts Payable/Receivable
• Bank Reconciliation
• Fixed Assets
• Stock Accounting
• Executive Desk

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Main Products – Progen Distribution Management Systems (PDM)

• Depot
• C&F
• CA
• SS (Super Stockist)

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Main Products – Progen Human Resource Management System (PHRMS)

• Personnel Information
• Human Resource
• payroll
• Leave & Attendance

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Main Products – Progen Sales Force Automation System (PSFAS)

• Doctor Management
• Daily Call Reports
• Sample/Gift Management
• HR Management
• Employee Management
• Chemist Orders (POB)
• Expence Management
• Administration Management

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Add-On Products

• Report Scheduler
• Dashboard
• Document Management System
• Employee Portal
• S.O.P. Management System
• Regulatory Compliance Management System
• Replication Module

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Implementation is the most important aspect of ERP system & most of the ERP’s fail due to wrong methodology of implementation. Progen has a track record of more than 20 years of implementation experience in the field of Pharmaceuticals. Progen also has the advantage of specialising in pharmaceutical ERP. We follow a practical approach to implementation. We divide the implementation in three phases and allow the system to be absorbed by user at different stages. The implementation can vary from company to company due to different kind of resources.

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GAP Analysis

After Implementation we need to check if the implementation has happened to the level expected by the team, for this we recommend the customer to evaluate the level of utilisation of the system done. GAP analysis can also be done after some specific period of time so as to see if the process are being followed and the system continues to give required output or not.

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Computer System Validation

Validation is the process of qualifying the ERP software is functioning as per the guideline of WHO GMP and does not allow the deviation so as the quality does not suffer. Once the software is validated, there after managing the system becomes easy. All the deviations must be noted and proper SOP’s followed in terms of running the system. Change control documents need to be written in the event of change of system. Progen qualifies all the validation process as per the requirement of Indian FDA, UKMHRA and USFDA.

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Management Consultancy

Progen has a vast experience behind it to make the organisation suitable for Management consultancy in pharmaceutical companies. Progen has realised the need of proper job profiles and responsibility of each employee as the key essence to success. Progen has been endeavouring to make its customer successful not only in ERP but also in its profits and market credibility.

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On behalf of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Progen ERP System for the services provided in assisting us to set up our Integrated System Management. All our departments like Planning, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Quality Control, Sales, HR, Accounts&Finance and other are integrated and we are getting all information with click of a mouse.Our All Mfg. locations, Depot, C&F and C&A are now running on centralized and single system.

Maneesh Pharmaceuticals
Director, Maneesh Pharmaceutical

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