Add-On Products


Progen Report Scheduler helps the organization to auto send the report through email to different departments & employees for them to take decision. The tool helps to reduce unnecessary staff for reporting. Through this tool we can generate the exception reports which will help the organization to take necessary action, before things go wrong.

  • SCHEDULE : Multiple type of schedules can be defined, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly & Yearly.
  • PERIOD : Different time data can be generated in the same report by using time series operators for, e.g. on the same report you can see Daily/Monthly/Yearly, to date Sales.
  • FILTER : Multiple filter can be applied to make different types of exception reports, for e.g. Near Expiry Batch Report
  • FORMATS : The report can be in Excel, TXT & PDF formats
  • EMAIL : The reports can be sent automatically through emails to Management, Head of Departments, Employees, Vendors & Customers
  • No Programming skills required to make reports in Report Scheduler
  • The reports defined in Report Definer can be scheduled in the Tool
  • Easy to use, low learning curve & fast


Progen Dashboard helps the organization to report all analysis data to management & department by an online mechanism.  The dashboard can be put in the form of tracker in any room where it would constantly scroll the live data on screen.

  • Reports defined in Reports Definer can be used in Dashboard
  • Dashboard owner can be defined
  • Static & Dynamic Dashboard can be defined
  • Rotation Time between each Analysis report can be defined
  • Multiple reports can be called from the Report Definer on to a single Dashboard
  • Processing period & year type can be defined for each report template
  • Pre-processing criteria & post processing conditions can be applied for each report template
  • Data refresh interval can be defined for each report template
  • Each report can be sent as a pdf on mobile through email
  • The dashboard can be customized as per customer’s requirement in a short time
  • Easy to use, low learning curve & fast
  • Online Dashboard
  • Almost all types of graphs can be integrated in dashboard


Progen has developed indigenous module of document management system integrated with ERP systems.  This module helps in consolidation of different department data’s into ERP system.  It helps in integrating the data like master formulae, Item QC specification etc. into the ERP Master as documents which have been approved by different heads in the organization.

  • We can create department wise series & give rights accordingly
  • Standard Templates can be defined to be used as forms that are repeated, for e.g.: Vendor Approval Form (Empty template)
  • Scanned document can be attached with the transaction, for e.g.: with (GRN (Goods Receipt Note) we can attach Analytical Report, Vendor Invoice, etc.)
  • Different access rights like View, Modify, Authorize, Lock, Unlock, Unauthorized can all be defined in the system
  • The DMS system can handle various kinds of Files like, Word, Excel, TXT, PDF, Coral Draw etc.


DMGT (Direct to Manager):

  • Manager can Login with his own password and can Authorise the Personal & Leave transactions of employees
  • Incoming transaction Tracker (Tool to Track the transactions to be authorised by Manager forwarded to him by Employee

DEMP (Direct to Employee) :

  • Employee can login with his own password and can view his details, Payslip and can also update his personal records
  • Can update Transactions like Leave Application, Cancellation, Encashment & forward it to Manager
  • Can view his TDS Record and enter his Savings


Progen SOP module allows Organization make SOP’s generate training requirement & maintain a checklist for all SOP.


  • Create Multiple groups & define access rights:

          –    Authoring

          –    Review

          –    Authorisation

          –    QA approval

  • Create Master for different Processes
  • Create Multiple Project

          e.g.:- Multiple Manufacturing Unit, Loan License, R&D Division

  • Create Position, Job Responsibilities & Master
  • Create Employee Master and link it to Position & Job Responsibilities


  • Create SOP Master :

          –    Objective

          –    Scope

          –    Responsibilities (Linked to Position & Job Responsibilities)

          –    Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

          –    SOP Definition

          –    Operating Procedures with each step of creating SOP you can attach documents made in Word or Excel

          –    Reviewing of SOP by Multiple Person

          –    Authorisation of SOP

          –    Approval of SOP by QA department

          –    Releasing of SOP after Successful Completion of Training

          –    Define Next Review Date for each SOP

          –    Version of SOP be maintained in the System

          –    Authorise SOP for change by QA


  • Position & Responsibilities linking to SOP Processes & SOP id.
  • Generating Training Programme
  • Creating a Training Programme
  • Training Completion Update


  • Request for a checklist for SOPS
  • Create Requisition for checklist of a SOP
  • Issue a checklist for SOP
  • Update status of checklist of a SOP
  • Verification of checklist of a SOP


Progen Regulatory Compliance Management system allow the Organization to defined the compliance requirement,  allocate compliance transaction to respective employees, track compliance  status, send alert by way of SMS and mail for pending and overdue alerts compliance, record the compliance performed in the systems and upload the return submitted into the systems archival.


  • Create Area (Location)
  • Create Category of Compliance
  • Create Regulation Master
  • Create Compliance Master :

          –    Under Regulation

          –    Frequency

          –    Under Section / Return Form No.

          –    Monetary Penalty for Non Compliance

          –    List of Documents to be submitted and Voucher required

  • Create Compliance Allocation Master
  • Compliance Tracker :

          –    List all pending Compliance details

          –    View last complied Transaction

          –    Send Pending Alerts

          –    Send Overdue Alerts

  • Create Compliance Transaction

          –    Regulation, Compliance ID

          –    List of document to be submitted

          –    Attaching Scan copy of Document Submitted

          –    Link to voucher of payment made

          –    Compliance Completion


Progen has developed an indigenous module for Replication of data, which helps the customer to have complete redundance of data in an event of server or servers failure.

  • Facility to set three Server Systems

          – Primary Database Server (on main site) or main server

          – Secondary Database Server (on main site)

          – Remote Database Server (on remote site/on cloud)

  • Real Time Replication at main site as well as at remote site
  • Load Balancing and Scalability
  • High System Availability and Failover
  • Disaster Management
  • Proven Methodologies & Tools

          – Proven SOP for replication setup

          – Load Balancer built in Application Server

          – Replication Manager Module

  • Switch the secondary server to primary at single press of button
  • Replication module status viewer, which shows the status of all the server with latest synchronization updates