Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Small Companies – Express Pharma Pulse – Jan 3 2002

PROGEN ERP Systems Pvt. Ltd. head quartered in Goa, was established in 1990 to offer rapid application development tools for various industries.  The company spearheaded by a group of technocrats, Arvind Kejriwal, Jawant R. Pirolkar, Shripad A. Khedekar along with Manish Sharma, later shifted to development of business application software.  The company is presently a leading developer of world class application development tool kids and ERP systems.  The mission of the company is to provide India specific international class ERP systems to Indian companies at most affordable prices.

Latest trends in PERP

Progen Enterprise Resource Planning (PERP) software caters to the requirements of various industry segments and more specifically the pharmaceutical industry.  It is an integrated companywide online solution in a single setup covering all functional areas in an organisation such as planning, purchasing, stores, quality control, production, sales, accounts, excise, costing, human resources and payroll.

Advantages of PERP

Generally, foreign ERPs are more compatible to international organisations.  The entire system is built as per the business environment prevailing in the European or US countries.  “Our solution is India specific because all statutory rules and regulations in India are an integral part of the software.  However, we try to imbibe Indian business culture in our transactional models due to which the system is easy to implement and easy to use,” said Manish Sharma, Director.  “Whereas PERP is focused to the Indian business environment, where we have incorporated several additional features and all the information is perfectly synchronised with each other.  For instance, one can look at the information from a purchase order to receipts, to quality control, to accounts payable.  Besides information from requirement plan to purchase order, to delivery schedules, to receipts are also available,” said Manish Sharma.  PERP enables complete security of data.  With this, one can implement extensive access controls and define who can use which transactions, reports and queries.  All transactions entered in the system carry the user’s name and time stamp enabling easy audit of the system at any time.

PERP Solutions for Pharma Industries

The company’s clientele includes reputed names from the bulk drugs and formulations segment in the pharmaceutical industry.  “The Pharma industry requires a lot of documentation and FDA compliance is very necessary.  In case of any accident, there will be an enquiry which will require a lot of data including batch, vendors list and others.  Our system will make this data collection extremely easy,” said Sharma.  The industry needs to adopt the package, which is easy to use and does not result in complication in the system.

Components of PERP

PERP is a reliable and fast solution which can streamline operations, ensure timely availability of information and reduce operational cost.  PERP consists of components like Financials, Human Resources and Manufacturing, which provide extensive capabilities in the respective areas.  PERP is compliant with all laws & statutory rules enabling companies to furnish their reports and returns as and when required under various laws.  “All the components of PERP have inbuilt capabilities to handle all statutory requirements related to excise, sales tax, income tax, employment tax, PF, ESI, Co.’s Act and so on.”  averred Sharma.  “All these components continuously work together to provide benefits of up-to-date reporting and information distribution,” he added.  “We aim at automation of whole organisation not just finance but includes Manufacturing, Human Resource, Sales and Distribution and so on.”

Cost–effectiveness of PERP

“PERP does not require any database server, it can run on Windows NT server, Novell Netware and Linux,”  maintained Manish Sharma.  “At entry level PERP is available at the price of Rs.3 lakhs, but we have priced the product as per the number of users.  As a result even a small firm with 5 users and big establishment with as many as 100 or more users can afford to have PERP and get value for money,” he added.

Upgradation of Software

PERP is in operation in more than 90 sites and is continuously enhanced based on the feedback received from its existing clients.  Any good suggestion from a client is incorporated in the next release and is available to all the customers.  “However, we do not provide any provision for unfair business practices, as we do not want to destroy our business logic,” remarked Manish Sharma.

Future Plans

The company chalked three pronged approach to enhance their business activities.  Firstly, the company plans to create awareness about the PERP solution, to provide a right solution to the industry without making hype of IT.  Secondly, it wants to make ERP affordable and lead companies to shift from financial accounting packages to a well-integrated ERP package.  “We are working on upgrading the PERP solution in order to cover supply chain management,” concludes Manish Sharma.

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